AppFolio Accounting , AppFolio Bookkeeping and AppFolio Reconcillation

Acrebook has years of experience in AppFolio Software setup, support, and Maintenance. Currently, it has set up and maintained over 2000 Units in AppFolio. Below are a few of the clients that Acrebook manages the AppFolio Account

Setup & Migration

Acrebook helps to migrate from your existing system or paper work to AppFolio. Setup and Migration is a tedious process, which might take a few weeks to couple  months depending on the portfolio size. The following details are setup

  • Rental Properties
  • Units
  • Tenants Management
  • Owners
  • Accounts
  • Work Orders
  • accounting property
  • accounting for tenant improvement allowance
  • appfolio tutorial

we would also help the accounting software property management Companies firms to migrate their Accounting, invoices,accounting for property managers and owner statements.

Book Keeping

In Order for you to Issue 1099 rents to the Vendors at the year end, your accounting automation needs to upto date for the whole year. If you have migrated to the AppFolio during the middle of the year, you also need to update the beginning of the year accounts. Acrebook can help you to end the invoices, bills receipts. Acrebook also works on the invoice entries, bill payments into the appfolio based on the vendor’s invoice request.

Bank Reconciliation

Acrebook will do the Bank reconciliation on a periodic basis. Some clients prefer on a daily basis, some do on a weekly basis, others on a monthly basis. We can work with either the read only access of the bank activity, this is required if the reconciliation needs to be done on daily or weekly basis. We can work on monthly reconciliation based on monthly statements.

Collection & Delinquency

Collection and Delinquency process is very important for the consistent cash flow for your company. Using Appfolio, we monitor the nonpayment of rents, water utilities and other bills incurred by the tenants. Generally, on the 5th of the month, a delinquency notice is sent to the tenants who are behind on their payment. On the 10th of the month, the notice to quit is sent out to the tenant’s magic prices.

Backup, downgrade and migration to other property management software

Acrebook has also helped property management companies and owners to downgrade from Appfolio to other property management software. We export the following documents and artifacts from the AppFolio system and update to the new crm real estate software

Tenant Information

  • Proper Current & Future Tenant Information
  • Notes
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Tenant Ledger
  • Letters
  • All Attachment files
  • Lease Agreements

Property Information

  • Property Information
  • Property Images
  • Notes
  • All Attachments

Unit Information

  • Unit Information
  • All attachment files

Work Orders

  • Order Details
  • Notes
  • Receipts
  • Picture
  • All related Items

Work Order and Maintenance Call
Work order and maintenance drain your time and energy. Acrebook will help to track the work order and maintenance calls for your property owners, property management 1099 clients.