What is Landlord Software?

Landlord software is specifically developed to assist landlords in managing their rental properties in a more organized and efficient manner. It encompasses financial and banking tools that are similar to those found in general business software, but also includes rental-related features that help with tasks such as tenant screening, marketing, communication, insurance, leasing, and inspections. This type of software can be either computer-based, cloud-based, or a hybrid of both. The most effective landlord software systems offer investors the flexibility to choose, and frequently offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android, which make tasks such as paying rent, requesting maintenance, and monitoring property performance simple and convenient..

Based on these criteria, here are 10 of the best landlord software systems for real estate investors to look for this year.

  1. TenantCloud: A rental property accounting and management software with apps for Apple and Android. Offers a free Basic trial forever, Standard $9 monthly for up to 150 units, and Advanced $35 monthly for up to 500 units.
  2. Buildium: A complete software system for landlords and property managers with larger portfolios of residential rentals, student housing, and affordable housing communities. Pricing starts at a monthly minimum of $50.
  3. AppFolio: Landlord software for professional real estate investors and property managers with large portfolios. Offers two tier options with their lowest tier’s pricing coming in at $1.40 per unit with a minimum fee of $280 per month. Requires annual billing and a contract, and charges setup fees.
  4. Rentec Direct: Offers industry-leading property management software and tenant screening solutions for real estate professionals. Features include online rent payments, tenant and owner portals, and more.
  5. TurboTenant: A free and basic software for DIY landlords who seek an inexpensive way to track basic items. Offers rental listing syndication, tenant screening, and other features. Offsets cost by allowing landlords to use their tenant screening features and collecting that fee from applicants.
  6. Hemlane: Offers a flexible solution for rental owners, landlords, and real estate investors. Offers a highest-tier package that includes repair coordination with price thresholds and approvals as well as invoicing and payment to vendors. Also curates a list of service professionals for handiwork, electric work, and plumbing, among other repairs.
  7. Avail: A landlord software built for DIY landlords. Offers rental listing syndication to the top dozen listing sites nationwide and has maintenance repair tracking property accounting features. Offers two tiers, a free for landlords version and a tier that charges $5 per month to landlords.
  8. Stessa: A free software that offers paid premium services for investors, including mortgage financing and rent analysis to evaluate a potential property. Designed to manage the investment side of owning a rental property. Allows landlords to track unlimited properties, automate income and expense tracking, and organize and store real estate documents.
  9. SimplifyEm: A web-based property management software designed for small to mid-sized landlords and property managers. Offers features such as property accounting, tenant management, lease tracking, and vendor management. Pricing is based on unit count and starts at $25 per month.
  10. Cozy: Offers tenant screening, online rent payments, and property management tools for landlords. Also offers a free service for landlords that includes rent collection, expense tracking, and tenant screening. Optional paid services are available for additional features.

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